Strength & Stability Home Fitness Cardio Bundle


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Strength & Stability Home Fitness Cardio Bundle

JupiterGear brings you products that allow you to stay active and crush your goals. Get inspired and realize your full potential with our innovative and smart fitness solutions created with unwavering standards and an athletes eye. From triathlons to your daily fitness routine to a walk along the beach, we have the products that will gear you up so you can push past your limits.


1) 5 Piece Set of Resistance Body Bands with Carrying Bag
Train anywhere! JupiterGears resistant body bands are great for working out wherever you are – at your fitness club, home gym, or outside. With five resistance levels, these body bands work for any user, whether you are an experienced athlete or just beginning fitness training.

5 resistance levels

  • Yellow: Light (5 – 10 lbs)
  • Green: Light+ (10 – 20 lbs)
  • Blue: Medium (20 – 30 lbs)
  • Red: Medium+ (30 – 38 lbs)
  • Black: Heavy (40 – 48 lbs)

2) Weighted Jump Rope with Adjustable Steel Wire Cable
Get serious about your cardio training with JupiterGears weighted jump rope that is adjustable and built for speed. With a premium-grade cable and a length that can be custom-sized, you are ready for your workout whether its outside, at home, in the gym, or on the go. Great for double-unders, crisscrosses, high knees, and all ranges of jumping that will not twist or tangle as you move.

3) Gliders Set
Gliders are great for resistance floor training using your own body weight to increase your workout level.

Engage your core and push your body beyond a regular workout. The Pure Body Sliders allow you to slide individual body limbs on virtually any surface with a variety of movements. Challenge your body and take it a step further.

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